Danny is blessed to own some truly world-class instruments – from vintage Martins to custom boutique guitars and ukuleles. His luthier built instruments were made by: Tony Vines, Tom Doerr, Bill McLachlan (Corban), Jim Worland (Worlatron), Outdoor Ukulele, Mark Hatcher and Laurie Williams.

His main DADGAD guitar is his Laurie Williams Tui, low tuning guitar is his Tom Doerr Fan Fret and classical is his Mark Hatcher Penelope crossover.

Laurie Williams built his tenor ukulele and Outdoor Ukulele made his travel soprano uke.


Laurie is a world-class luthier based in New Zealand. He is the leader in building with Ancient Kauri and native woods to New Zealand. Danny’s tenor ukulele and Tui guitar are both made from Kauri. Laurie’s guitars are the pinnacle of guitar making, design and sound. Please check out his website: www.guitars.co.nz and tell him Danny said hello!

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Tom Doerr is another top tier luthier. He built Danny a one-of-a kind Fan Fret guitar. The scale lengths range from 27’’- 25’’. The woods are German spruce and Ziricote.


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Mark Hatcher of New Hampshire handcrafted Danny’s nylon string crossover. It has a French polished Swiss Spruce top with an amazing set of Koa back and sides.


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The talented and humble Jim Worland makes these retro-vibed electric guitars. Danny’s has Walnut top with a Bigsby.