Danny is unusual for guitar teachers today, for several reasons:
First, his highest priority and greatest love is teaching. Sadly, many guitar teachers are only teaching until they “make it” or as something to do in between gigs. Because it’s not a passion, their lessons can reflect a haphazard and limited approach. This is NOT why Danny teaches – he has always wanted to teach and has dedicated himself to becoming the best teacher possible.

Second, many teachers only teach their students popular songs, not “how to play” the guitar. There is a big difference. Songs are, of course, used in Danny’s lessons, but they are employed to teach ideas, technique, theory, history, etc. Danny always has a bigger picture in mind when he selects songs for his students — to increase their musical understanding, to help them be more creative, and to get them to write and modify songs on their own.

Third, Danny customizes the lessons to each individual student. He never tells his students to purchase a tedious and sterile text to learn by rote. Danny listens to each student, both in terms of their interests and abilities, and then personalizes each lesson for the best result. No two lessons are alike.